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Take a Break from the Cold! Bozeman’s Top-Rated Indoor Activities

Bozeman’s Top-Rated Indoor Activities

If you are over the snow and ice, then this post is for you. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to spend wintertime in Bozeman that don’t involve trekking through the mountains. In fact, we think this is a great time of year to hunker down and Netflix, prep our summer bodies, or simply do some crafty stuff.

Let’s take a break from the cold, shall we…

[cs_dining_block image=”” heading=”Get a Head Start on your DIY Projects” text=”Learn how to make your own spring wreath and floral arrangements with Wild Blume. Decorate cookies with Elle’s Belles. Or master your camera with Amelia Anne Photography. Local gift shop Heyday offers a number of DIY workshops, all taught by Bozeman
entrepreneurs. Grab a friend or meet a new one at any one of these fun and educational spring sessions!
” button_url=”″ button_text=”HEYDAY CLASSES”]
[cs_dining_block image=”” heading=”Break a Sweat with the Trifecta” text=”Love to sweat, but sick of the snow? Stay in shape and start training for your favorite summertime activities with group classes at Zephyr Cycling Studio, Ekam Yoga, and Pure Barre. These 3 businesses offer a multi-studio package so you can improve your cardio, flexibility and strength.” button_url=”” button_text=”ZEPHYR CYCLING”]EKAM YOGAPURE BARRE
[cs_dining_block image=”” heading=”Learn to Love the Kitchen” text=”Gain confidence in the kitchen! Oil and Vinegar store, Olivelle, offers a range of classes – from Italian and Thai cuisine, to paleo and dutch-oven inspired recipes. There is certainly something for every palette!” button_url=”” button_text=”OLIVELLE CLASSES”]
[cs_dining_block image=”” heading=”Discover Your Inner Artist” text=”From pottery to jewelry making and painting, The Emerson Center for Arts & Culture offers an assortment of workshops for those looking to hone their craft, or just try something new. Registration for Spring and Summer classes starts March 11.” button_url=”” button_text=”EMERSON CLASSES”]

[cs_dining_block image=”” heading=”Let It Go with Float Therapy” text=”Literally float your worries away in these new age float tanks at Zero Gravity Floating or New Wave Float Therapy. Not only is this a great way to relax, but float therapy can improve sleep, relieve chronic pain, and boost athletic performance. Massages available before and after floats!” button_url=”” button_text=”ZERO GRAVITY FLOAT”]NEW WAVE FLOAT

[cs_dining_block image=”” heading=”Challenge Your Wits” text=”Whether you are looking for something fun to do with your family or a group or friends, Bozeman’s Escape Rooms offer excitement for all ages! A social puzzle, each escape room has a different theme and mystery that must be solved within one hour…or else!” button_url=”” button_text=”ESCAPE ROOM MT”]BZN BREAK OUT